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Fresh Cut Flower Bouquet

Fresh Cut Bouquet

Mini Box Arrangement of Flowers

Box Arrangement

Victorian Posy of Flowers

Victorian Posy

Beautiful Hand Tied Bouquet of Flowers

Hand Tied Bouquet

Fresh Cut Bouquet of Flowers

Fresh Cut Bouquet

Presentation Bouquet of Flowers

Presentation Bouquet

1 Dozen Long Stem Red Roses

1 Dozen Long Stem Roses

Spring Flower Pot Arrangement

Spring Pot Arrangement

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Frequently Asked Questions??
Customer Testimonial:

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Prices displayed on this Bergen page are in which currency? All prices shown on this Bergen page are in Norway Kroner (NOK)

What is the earliest that my orders can be delivered in Bergen ? Petals can delivery flowers within 24 hours although we highly recommend that you allow a full 48 hours for the delivery to be made. In there are no deliveries on Sunday .

What to do if I want specific flowers? Please order the product that nearest matches your choice and put the specific requirements that you have in the special instructions field of the order form. For. example, if you want a bouquet of only of red & yellow mixed flowers, choose the Fresh Cut Bouquet product and the write in the special instructions "Only Red & Yellow flowers please"

Need more help for Flowers in Bergen ?

Email us at hq@petalsnetwork.com or,

You can also call us on +61 2 6774 9200


Bergen  Flowers
 5 good reasons why you should use Petals for all your flowers to Bergen .

We are an ACTUAL RELAY SERVICE, you are not dealing with some web company that only sells flowers in cyber space.  We actually see your order and process the flowers directly to the florist.  NOT just pass it on to another service.  Flowers are our business!

2. Less than 1% of orders that come through Petals Network have complaints.  We pride ourselves on our complaint free orders.

A REAL CATALOGUE of flowers products for each country. Not just pictures of flowers which look nothing like what is being delivered, but actual pictures of the products that are being delivered.


Genuine HIGH SECURITY. When you enter in your card details on our server, it is processed in the most secure fashion. In our 7 year online history, through millions of orders, NOT 1 has ever been compromised.  Our secure site is encoded with a very secure 128bit encryption.


Next Day Delivery is available to Bergen on all orders placed before 2.30pm Monday to Friday and before 10.30am on Saturdays.  This means that if you have the special order that has to get to Bergen quickly we are able to do it.

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